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We here at RPGFan often welcome a little friendly competition. However, when five lucky editors find themselves writing reviews for the same exact game, it turns into an all-out skirmish in which each editor is fighting valiantly to keep his/her job!!! It may only be a rumor, but I heard that Jaime paid Commodore Wheeler in upwards of $1,000 to make a couple spelling and punctuation goofs in his review. Also, it might just be young hoodlums, but I've gotten a couple phone calls late at night from an unknown individual who just whispers, "Submit your Rhapsody review and DIE!" The operator said the call originated from somewhere in France. We haven't heard from Shiguma in awhile, but some editors say he's been locked in his room for five days straight, ignoring personal hygiene and constantly tweaking every single sentence in his whole review.

So, it's time to vote someone off the island!

"Which Rhapsody review is your favorite?"

Jobs are at stake here. Do not frivolously decide these five editors' fates without carefully reading each and every review.

Commodore Wheeler's review
Jaime's review
Stahn Mahn's review
Shiguma's review
Feena's review

You know what to do. Go to the main page and vote for your favorite!

Last week, we asked our readers if Legend of Mana's non-linear storyline killed the game or not. This poll produced some of the closest results ever seen here at RPGFan! 23% said it ruined the game, 21% said it made the game great, and 20% said it didn't affect it. Talk about inconclusive results! Anyway, the remaining 37% still haven't touched this title. Find this poll and lots of others in the poll archives!

That does it for this week. For you U.S. residents, have a safe Fourth of July! As for the rest of you, I expect tons of poll ideas piling up in my mailbox!

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July 3rd, 2000

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12:37 AM

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