Sakura Taisen 3 Screen Shots

The Dreamcast port of Sakura Taisen 2 came out yesterday, and with it came a playable demo / preview disk of Sakura Taisen 3: Is Paris Burning?, the next installment in the series to be released this fall. So far, Red Company had only revealed a trailer movie of the game featuring anime and CG, and the game's artwork. Now the gameplay is available for us to try out, thanks to a preview disk which contains the following things.

  • A movie theater featuring staff interviews of Hiroi Ouji (director), Fujishima Kousuke (character designer), Akahori Satoru (scenario writer), Tanaka Kouhei (composer)...
  • The "VM Museum" where you can download character icons on your VMS,
  • And most importantly, a character preview.

    The character preview features six mini-adventure parts with each of the game's main characters (as well as a seventh hidden adventure if you clear all of them successfully). The adventures basically introduce each girl's character, and her Koubu (robot) with its weapon. The girls will of course ask you questions (such as Glycine asking you the meaning of the word "croissant"), to which you'll have to answer in a way that will please them. Also, we're introduced to the new Analog LIPS (Live Interactive Picture System, which all Sakura Taisen fans should be familiar with) where you can give a certain intensity to your action (which can be shooting, striking....), resulting in more or less happy consequences. The picture is now in full-screen in adventure parts, and you can even make the text window go away by pressing the R or L trigger.

    Anyway, if you're as excited about Sakura Taisen 3 as we are, wait no more and go take a look at these 93 screen shots captured from the preview disk!

  • Date Updated:
    September 22nd, 2000

    Time Updated:
    6:57 PM


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