N64 RPGs Curse And Other News

A few days after Dragon Quest III for the GBC was announced, we have the first few screen shots! You can check them out here.

It seems that Nintendo 64 RPGs are cursed. A few weeks after Mother 3's cancellation, the same has happened to Fire Emblem 64. The reason for the cancellation is unknown; fans of the highly popular series can always fall back on Fire Emblem: Priestess of Darkness, the Game Boy Advance installment of the series scheduled for March 2001.

Sony has announced a new title in their "Yarudora" series (short for "self-made drama"). After Scandal, Blood: The Last Vampire will be released on December 12th on the PS2. The story is about Saya, a high school girl who has to fight the vampires attacking Tokyo (where have I heard that before?). Blood: The Last Vampire will be released in two parts, for 5,800 yen each; both will be released on Dec. 12th. The game will feature voice acting by Youki Kudoh, a famous Japanese actress who played in movies such as Mystery Train, Picture Bride and Snow falling on Ceddars. Three screenshots of the game can be found here.

As the N64 version releases in Japan, Fuurai no Shiren 2 is being ported to the Game Boy Color, with the title Fushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren GB 2: Sabaku no majou (which translates to Mystery Dungeon - Shiren the Wanderer GB 2: Desert's Demon Castle - ChunSoft, you have to make shorter game names). You can check out three screen shots of said game here.

Phantasy Star Online will be released on December 21st in Japan. Although the game was supposed to get a worldwide simultaneous release, rumors indicate that the US version of the game would hit retailers in January rather than December.

Announced a few months ago already, Poporo Crois Monogatari III for the Playstation 2 should be released in March of 2001.

Lastly, we have the RPG sales figures of September 11th to 17th from GameJapan. Dragon Quest VII is doing just as well as usual, while Final Fantasy IX dropped out of the Top 30.

Sales of week
(Total sales)
PSDragon Quest VII: Warriors of EdenEnix08/26/00288,653
DCKanonNec Interchannel09/13/0060,028
WSSuper Robot Taisen Compact 2 Part 2Banpresto09/14/0026,963
N64Mario StoryNintendo08/11/0016,962
PSDigimon World 2Bandai07/27/003,291


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