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Now confirmed for American release, Dragon Quest VII may encounter the same problems as Xenogears did in its time; due to certain religious issues evoked, reports in Japan indicate that the game's text may receive changes for the American localization.

The new Rhapsody game, entitled The Angel's Present: Story of Marl Kingdom, to be released on the PS2 next December, will have a limited edition. The LE will come with the game, an illustration book and a 2-CD original soundtrack, all for 8,800 yen.

As previously reported, a new installment in Sony's cute RPG series Popolocrois Monogatari will be released for the PS2 next March. The first few screen shots of Poporocrois Monogatari III have been revealed (from Game-wave).

Gainax and Ninelives' famous education simulation/RPG will be once again re-released. Princess Maker 2 and Princess Maker: Dreaming Fairy (commonly refered to as Princess Maker 3) will thus appear on the Dreamcast, both in a special package called Princess Maker Collection. Princess Maker Collection should be released on January 25th for 5,800 yen. In other related news, Princess Maker 1 and 2 will also be re-released in a Windows 95/98 version in November (the PC versions previously only existed as a DOS version), and the developer of these Windows versions offers downloadable demos on their website

[Princess Maker 2][Princess Maker 2]

More titles have been announced for Sony's The Best collection, which offers re-released hits for a cheap price! Super Robot Taisen F and Super Robot Taisen F: Final Chapter will be re-released for 2,800 yen each on December 7th.

The first pictures of the Sakura Taisen Dreamcast to be released in December have been revealed:

Lastly, the (belated) game sales figures, of October 2nd to 8th (Figures for Eternal Arcadia do not include the version offered in Weekly Famitsu).

Sales of week
(Total sales)
PSDragon Quest VII: Warriors of EdenEnix08/26/0080,341
DCEternal ArcadiaSega/Overworks09/27/0046,676
N64Fushigi no Dungeon - Fuurai no Shiren 2 (Mystery Dungeon - Shiren the Wanderer 2)ChunSoft09/27/0035,868
GBBokujou Monogatari GB: Boy Meets Girl (Harvest Moon)VIS09/29/0017,795
N64Mario StoryNintendo08/11/009,548
DCLove Hina: A Sudden Engage HappeningSega09/28/005,944
PSLove Hina: Love is in the WordsKonami09/28/005,526
DCEldorado GateCapcom10/10/004,928


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October 21st, 2000

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