Autumn Ads II

Many more than four RPGs are on the November release schedule, but only four of them have ads running in magazines to promote them thus far, all of which being PlayStation games.

First up is an under-promoted game by a little company named Squaresoft, called Final Fantasy IX. Supposedly it's the latest and possibly greatest in the Final Fantasy series. How a series that only sold upwards of 10 million copies is well-known is strange indeed, but for those interested, a new ad is up, with a continuing theme from last month's ad (which you can see on the same page). Final Fantasy IX is set for a November 14 release.

The next game on the list is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, currently scheduled to be released around the 15th. Overall, HM: BtN seems to be more or less the same as the N64 version, Harvest Moon 64, though with some minor differences. Another game in the series, Harvest Moon 2, for Game Boy Color, should be released sometime this week. No ad has been seen for the GBC one, but there is a HM: Back to Nature ad.

The last two may or may not make November, but let's take a look anyway. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment by Atlus is being listed with a November 15 date, though it may change. Check out the ad here. The newest and potentially best game in Capcom's Breath of Fire series, Breath of Fire IV, has a November 29th release date, and is being promoted by a nicely designed two-page ad.

Date Updated:
November 6th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:48 PM

The Chronologist

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