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Ramza's Personal Tribute to Falcom

Well, after developing carpal-tunnel and dropping my eyesight down from 20/2000 to 20/3000, I finished reviewing ten Falcom soundtracks. Here they are for your reading/listening pleasure:

Falcom JDK Band 3: Falcom Vocal Special - Like the first 2 JDK Bands, but with female vocalists and cheesy pop songs...yet, it's strangely addicting!

Falcom Neo Classic - Symphony on disc 1, crazy techno on disc 2, and an 8cm with stuff that isn't important.

Falcom Special Box '92 - Musically, one of the most diverse and complex collections of Falcom to date. Vocals, jazz, and synth orchestra all await you here.

Falcom Vocal Collection I - Two discs of vocals found on other Falcom soundtracks.

Legend of Heroes III JDK Special Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 - The sound quality isn't the greatest, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Ys III JDK Special - Better than the previous JDK Specials, and JDK Band tracks on this one as well! Woo hoo!

Ys Piano Collection - A simple arrangement of ten songs from the first two or three games in the series.

Perfect Collection Ys III - A debate of quantity vs quality ensues in this review. It's compelling stuff, check it out.

Provincialism Ys - Bwahaha, I strike down the blasphemous rumors that this CD is bad with my review that PRAISES it! Well, I give it a fair chance anyway.

In the next update, expect 9 or 10 more Falcom reviews...a couple from me, but mostly all reader reviews.

After that, we'll have a big miscellaneous update, and then I'm gonna take another bite into the "vain krusade" - Ultimecia - of reviewing every Square RPG soundtrack.

So there's a schedule. Woo hoo!

For a small amount of time, I will not be able to take reader reviews so if you planned on sending one to me, refrain until I say you can...well, you CAN send it to me, but don't expect it to go up on the site.

Link to soundtracks below.

Date Updated:
May 27th, 2001
Time Updated:
9:39 PM

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