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This winter will be the occasion for quite a few Sakura events, with the movie releasing on Dec 22nd, Sakura Taisen Online on December 20th, STGB2 on the 6th, and several other related events scheduled. Not only that, but as Sega announced earlier today, the three DC (main) ST games will be re-released in the next few months under the "Memorial Pack" label. This announcement came as a surprise as everyone was expecting the announced PS2 remakes, not to mention ST3 has only been released last year and it's already getting a rerelease! Here are some more details about the Memorial Packs and their contents:

First Sakura Taisen Memorial Pack will be released on January the 17th for 3,800 yen and will come with "visual cards" of the six heroines and their best scenes, along with a perpetual calendar.

Next up, Sakura Taisen 2: Kimi, shi ni tamou koto nakare Memorial Pack will follow on February 7th, carrying, in addition to visual cards of Orihime and Leni, an "collectors'" special DVD with high-res movies of the game, a special interview with Ouji Hiroi about Sumire's retirement, and more.

And as if Sega wasn't milking the franchise enough already, Sakura Taisen 3: Is Paris Burning? Memorial Pack will be available on March 7th, but for 5,800 yen (as opposed to the 7,800 yen of the original release). The special item will be this time a memorial music box with a picture of the 5 Paris heroines on it; the music it will play will be, of course, the opening song 'Beneath the flag'.

Lastly, another package called Complete Box will be released at the same time as Sakura Taisen 4: Koise yo otome (still scheduled for March 2002), containing all four Sakura Taisen DC games, with picture disc GDs and collectors' items, all wrapped in what will supposedly be a "gorgeous package". No pricing has been announced yet, but it would be safe to start saving now.

[Erratum: ST4 will NOT come in only one edition. Story revised accordingly on 12.04]

11.30.01 - 8:37 PM

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