Post E3: Atlus Speaks

Once again, since there's so many topics to cover in this news update, I'm just cutting the BS and getting right down to the topics at hand.

Shin Megami Tensei Nine

Since the game only has a small online component, it is possible that Atlus would just remove that for a possible US release. Keep in mind that statement isn't confirmation of a localization, just speculation from Atlus if they did decide to bring the game out in the US. At this point the company cannot finance a server for the game, and it seems unlikely that another company (such as Microsoft) would provide the neccessary funds.

Shin Megami Tensei III

It's still being developed.


Nothing has been confirmed about a new installment in the Persona series.

Marl/La Pucelle/Abarenbou Princess

All three games have been looked at extensively, and while they're great titles, they're also a hard sell simply because the protagonists are overly cutesy females. Considering gamers are predominately male, these aren't exactly the most appealing titles to localize monetarily.


Atlus is definitely saddened and disappointed over Square acquisition of Quest, since they were synonymous with the Tactics Ogre series in the US.

Black/Matrix 2 and Black/Matrix Zero

They've been looked at. Strategy RPGs are an even smaller niche in the RPG market and therefore don't do impressive numbers in the states. Atlus wants to release a few action titles, but definitely plan on still releasing RPGs, strategy included.


Career Soft and Atlus haven't really even thought about buying the Langrisser name whatsoever. Besides, Masaya has been AWOL for a few years now.

Xbox Support

It's been speculated that Atlus plans on supporting the Xbox over the PlayStation 2, mainly because of SMT9. This is unfounded, as fans will definitely see when the untitled MMORPG is officially announced.

Shin Megami Tensei II

Although bugs have been reported from various players of the port, Atlus USA wasn't aware of any of them.

Growlanser II and III

Atlus chose not to pick both games up, as they felt they were both average, albeit pretty, strategy RPGs.

Thanks to Gail Salamanca from Atlus for being as cool as he always is.

05.26.02 - 11:41 PM
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