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TGS 2002 Exhibit List

Japanese news site Quiter has posted a list of games expected to be shown at this year's TGS; this list is by no means official and comes from a mix of real information, rumors, and sheer anticipation. Those titles marked with a "?" have no official status for TGS exhibition at this time. And just to stave off rumors, while many fans are hoping for it, there probably will be no announcement of Dragon Quest VIII.

Dark Chronicle ? (aka Dark Cloud 2) - PS2
Untitled RPG ? - PS2
Untitled RPG ? - PS2
Arc the Lad Online ? (temporary title) - PS2

Unlimited SaGa - PS2
Final Fantasy XI - PS2
online title ? - PS2
Final Fantasy X sidestory - PS2
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - PS2
Final Fantasy XII ? - PS2
Final Fantasy I-II - PSX
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle - GCN & GBA (probably just running on video)
Seiken Densetsu ? (temporary title) - GBA
New Chocobo game ? - GBA
Final Fantasy Tactics ? - GBA

Shining Force ? - unknown system
Virtua Fighter Quest ? - GCN
Eternal Arcadia Legend ? - GCN
Phantasy Star Online ? - Xbox

Breath of Fire V ? - PS2

Venus and Braves ? - PS2
Tales of Destiny 2 ? - PS2
New Tales Game ? - GCN
New Monolith Title ? - GCN
Tales of Phantasia ? - GBA

Nobunga's Ambition Online ? (most likely the beta) - PS2

Star Ocean 3 ? - PS2
Torneko 3 ? - PS2

FROM Software
Rune II

Online RPG ? - PS2
Shin Megami Tensei NINE - Xbox

.hack Vol 2: Malignant Variation - PS2
Dragon Drive Tactics Break - PSX

08.26.02 - 11:48 AM
Nicole Monet Kirk

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