FFT Advance Characters & Classes Info

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu contains more information on the recently-unveiled Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Here are the descriptions of the three main characters:

  • Marsh Radieux is the main character of the game. He moved from the country to the city of St Ivalice because of his parents' divorce and his brother's illness. Kind-hearted, he has the ability to immediately understand people's pain.

  • Mute Landel is one of Marsh's classmates. He keeps his teddy bear with him at every instant, and, like his name suggests, he's rather the quiet, shy type of boy. Incidentally, his father's name is... Cid.

  • Ritz Malheur is another classmate of Marsh's, and the heroine of the game. She's the type who think they can handle anything, but her "winner" personality keeps her at some distance from the others. Her hair was originally white, but she secretly dyed it.

    One day, the three friends put their hands on a mysterious book, the "grand grimoire" (!), written in ancient signs. When they open the book, the world around them transforms from the modern city of St Ivalice, to Ivalice, a world of swords and sorcery, and it is the beginning of their adventure.

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance features several character races: Human, Banga, N'Mow, Moogle and Viera. Each of the races can change jobs, and the various combinations of race/job will result in characters with various abilities and characteristics. Some of the jobs shown in the article include Soldier, White Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, and Archer - nothing too unusual so far. While the looks of the game have changed and this new installment is definitely aiming at a younger audience, there are already names and elements re-emerging from the previous game. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will be out this Winter in Japan; keep checking RPGFan for more updates on the game!

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