Preorder Zelda: Tact of the Wind, Get Ocarina of Time and Ura Zelda

The next issue of Weekly Famitsuu, to release this Friday, reveals that Nintendo will soon be launching a quite astonishing preorder campaign for Zelda: Tact of the Wind, releasing on the GameCube on December 13th. Anyone preordering the game in Japan will receive an extra disc containing the complete version of Zelda no densetsu: Toki no ocarina (Ocarina of Time), the N64 hit, along with... Ura Zelda.

Ura Zelda was a project for the 64DD, an early-deceased N64 peripheral. Despite an advanced development stage, the game was ultimately never released, much to the dismay of many fans. The game will now finally reach players' hands, as it will be given away on a preorder bonus disc. The game has been given the official title of Zelda no densetsu: Toki no ocarina - Ura (translating roughly to Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Reverse). The disc will also contain information on Biohazard 4 and F-Zero GC.

The preorder campaign will be starting on November 28th, and will continue while supplies last. There is no word as to whether the games will be available outside of this campaign, or if the western versions will include such bonuses, but it doesn't seem very likely at the moment. Pictures of the box art and title screens are available, courtesy of Namae no nai heya:

11.13.02 - 6:29 PM
Eve C.

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