KAMEX 2002 Report

At this year's edition of the Korean Amuse World Game Expo KAMEX in Seoul several new titles have been announced. While foreign companies like Sony Computer Entertainment's Korean branch, SCEK, Enix and Microsoft are present at the show, the focus is clearly on their Korean counterparts. To be more precise on the country's top three game companies, Nexon, Gravity and NC Soft.

Nexon showed off its newest MMORPGs titled Mabinogi and Asgard. The former is directed by Dong-Gun Kim and takes the player in a medieval fantasy world, which however has a modern touch to it. The game will utilize the company's Pleione graphics engine. At the beginning players will have to create a character just like in every other MMORPG, with one exception: They only can choose an initial age between 10 and 17. Interestingly enough, the character will age by one year per week of play time. It is essential for your character to eat and depending on the type of food he or she eats, his or her apperance will change. Hence an unbalanced diet for instance will obviously lead to a round tummy. Once a character reaches the age of 18, he or she becomes an adult. Kids on the other hand still have to attend school, learning basic skills like magic or cooking. After saving some money you can buy a house. As you can easily tell by those features, the first and foremost aim of the game is to create a wealthy environment in which your character can live peacefully, rather than restlessly hunt down treasures in monster-packed dungeons. This doesn't mean however, that there are no dungeons in the game. Nexon has implemented dungeons, which change accordingly to a player's current level.

Mabinogi is scheduled to be released in Korea sometime in 2003. The game has been confirmed to be released in Japan, but no details are available so far.

The center of attention at Gravity's booth is of course Ragnorak Online. Apart from the actual game, the company offered a dance performance as well as a quiz to its booth's visitors.

NC Soft is exhibiting Lineage and Lineage II at its booth, which looks like a castle.

Other titles that are being exhibited at KAMEX 2002 are Enix's PC MMORPG Depth Fantasia, SoftMax's Tales Weaver, Cronous from Lizard Interactive as well as Karma Online.

The show, which takes place at the COEX Pacific Hall still runs through December 15th.

12.13.02 - 6:11 PM
Chris Winkler

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