Pokemania and No End in the Japanese Sales Charts

Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby for GameBoy Advance have managed to hold on the two top spots of the Japanese sales charts during last year's final edition of the sales charts. The two games sold 187,320 and 185,822 copies respectively to bring their totals to 1,578,932 and 1,535,199 copies. The third spot of the charts is again occupied by a Square game, as Kingdom Hearts Final Mix has replaced Unlimited SaGa. The international version of Square's popular cooperation effort with Disney sold 170,949 copies within four days. Unlimited SaGa only lost two spots, coming in on spot 5 by selling another 81,539 copies for a total of 278,010 copies. Shigeru Miyamoto's Zelda Kaze no Takuto (The Wind Waker in the US) slipped by one to reach spot 7 selling 75,013 copies (and a total of 471,945 copies). The sales of Namco's Tales of Destiny 2 continue to exceed expectations as the game is closing in on the 800,000 mark. This week it even managed to climb from spot 17 to 15 selling 30,631 copies in the process. to bring its grand total to 766,760 copies. Another new entry into the charts can be found at spot 30: The PlayStation One remake of the Super Famicom classic Shin Megami Tensei if... by Atlus, which sold 15,612 copies. Sony Computer Entertainment's Dark Chronicle came in on spot 31 by selling 15,579 copies this week and a total of 184,565 copies since its November 28th 2002 release. Enterbrain's long delayed PlayStation 2 RPG Kidoushinsengumi, which was finally released on December 26th, entered the charts at spot 36 by selling 13,411 copies. At spot 43 Banpresto's Super Robot Taisen Original Generation for GBA sold 11,014 copies (for a total of 170,137 copies) and Enix's Dragon Quest gaiden, Torneko 3 managed to pass the 500,000 mark at spot 45 selling 9,520 copies for a total of 503,744 copies.

01.09.03 - 5:54 PM
Chris Winkler

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