Japanese Sales Charts Update

The first RPG in this week's edition of the Japanese sales charts is Nippon-Ichi's Makaisenki - Disgaia for PlayStation 2 which entered the charts at spot 3, selling 50,213 copies. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire had to give up some ground, again dropping to spots 6 and 7 by selling 27,960 (for a total of 1,901,365) and 27,690 (for a total of 1,942,35 copies) respectively. Another Nintendo title, The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto came in at spot 18 after having sold 8,313 copies this week for a total of 595,863 copies. Square's Kingdom Hearts Final Mix dropped six spots to 19 selling 8,247 copies to brings its total to 331,587 copies. The Megahits re-release of Final Fantasy X sold another 6,857 copies for a total of 23,653 copies. Unlimited SaGa fell from spot 19 to 26 by selling 5,924 copies to bring its total to 387,146 copies. Two new entries can be found at spots 28 and 29. Alchemist's Dreamcast conversion of Wind -a breath of heart- entered the charts at spot 28 by selling 5,513 copies, while Kid's newest PlayStation 2 adventure My Merry May sold 5,338 copies. Namco's blockbuster RPG Tales of Destiny, which has been in the charts since its November 28th release, sold another 4,241 copies this week to bring its grand total to 840,353 copies. Banpresto's GameBoy Advance RPG Lilie, Ely and Anis no Atelier dropped from spot 14 to 37 by selling 3,843 copies this week and a total of 12,631. The sequel to Sony Computer Entertainment's Level 5-developed Action RPG Dark Cloud, Dark Chronicle, came in at spot 50. The game sold 2,828 copies this week and 227,696 copies since its November 28th 2002 release.

02.08.03 - 4:14 PM
Chris Winkler

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