Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update

Following a rather slow last week, the seven top spots of this week's edition of the Japanese sales charts are all occupied by new entries. Square's GameBoy Advance strategy RPG, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, entered the charts at spot 2, selling 225,993 copies in the three days since its release. Namco's sequel to Seven, Venus and Braves - Majo to Megami to Horobi no Yogen, for PlayStation 2 came in at spot 6 by selling 48,206 copies. Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby slipped to spots 9 and 10 selling 27,050 (for a total of 1,994,220) and 26,530 (for a total of 1,951,215) copies, respectively. Nippon Ichi's PlayStation 2 strategy RPG Makaisenki - Disgaia sold 15,588 copies this week, thereby reaching spot 14 and bringing its total to 85,881 copies. The Megahits re-release of Final Fantasy X sold 6,705 copies at spot 23 for a total of 36,711 copies. Another Square title, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, fell four spots to 29, thereby selling 5,423 copies to bring its total to 342,323 copies. Nintendo's GameCube title, Legend of Zelda Kaze no Takuto (The Wind Waker in the US) dropped from spot 23 to 31, selling 5,156 copies this week and a total of 606,386 copies. Namco's 2002 blockbuster RPG, Tales of Destiny 2, came in at spot 37 selling 3,908 copies this week and 847,838 copies since its November 28th release. Tales of Destiny 2 is followed by Square's Unlimited SaGa, which sold 3,424 copies this week for a total of 394,360 copies. Enix's Dragon Quest Gaiden Torneko 3 managed to re-enter the charts at spot 50, selling 2,451 copies to bring its total to 527,362 copies.

Atlus' PlayStation 2 RPG Shin Megami Tensei 3 - Nocturne which was released yesterday in Japan, managed to sell 92,000 copies on its debut.

02.21.03 - 5:39 PM
Chris Winkler

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