Final Fantasy X-2 Dominates Japanese Sales Charts

If sales numbers are an indicator, Square's Final Fantasy X-2 is living up to the pre-release hype so far. Since its March 13th release, the first ever sequel to a Final Fantasy game has sold 1,543,494 copies, thereby easily topping this week's sales charts. Another new entry, Zelda: The Legend of the Four Swords for the GameBoy Advance came in at spot 2 selling 105,100 copies. Enix's PlayStation 2 RPG Star Ocean: Till The End of Time slipped from spot 2 to 5, selling 20,765 copies this week to bring its total to 433,728 copies. Square's GBA strategy RPG Final Fantasy Tactics Advance sold 19,725 copies this week for a total of 365,936 copies, thereby climbing back to spot 6. Nintendo's GameBoy Advance titles Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby fell to places 11 and 12, selling 14,967 (for a total of 2,060,379 copies) and 14,642 copies (for a total of 2,010,049 copies) respectively this week. The Megahits edition of Final Fantasy X sold 10,398 copies on spot 14 this week to reach a total of 69,233 copies. Sega's PlayStation 2 remake of Sakura Taisen, Sakura Taisen: Atuski Chishio Ni came in at spot 15, selling another 8,784 copies for a total of 172,439 copies. NEC Interchannel's Dreamcast adventure title Interlude entered the charts at spot 17 selling 8,157 copies. Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne dropped to spot 22, selling 7,161 copies this week and a total of 211,371 copies since its February 20th release. Namco's newest Tales title, Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage follows at spot 23, having sold 6,243 copies this week for a total of 17,532 copies. Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto climbed to spot 33, selling 3,951 copies this week to bring its total to 622,823 copies. Square's international version of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix came in at spot 43. The game has sold 3,195 copies this week and 355,701 copies since its December 26th 2002 release.

03.20.03 - 1:01 PM
Chris Winkler

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