FFXI: Vision of Jiraat Tops Japanese Sales Charts
04.27.03 - 9:37 PM

Square Enix's add-on to Final Fantasy XI, Vision of Jiraat for the PlayStation 2 entered the Japanese sales charts at spot 1, selling 93,760 copies. With Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart for the GameBoy Advance remaining on spot 2, two Square Enix titles top this week's edition of the Japanese sales charts. By selling 33,372 copies this week, the game brought its total to 404,811 copies. Banpresto's 2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha for the PlayStation 2 climbed from spot 6 to 4, selling 24,852 copies this week for a total of 438,982 copies. Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters International World Edition entered the charts at spot 6, selling 24,100 copies. Another new entry, Victor Interactive's Bokujou Monogatari Mineral Town no Nakamatachi follow at spot 8. The GameBoy Advance title sold 23,880 copies. Broccoli's PlayStation 2 version of Galaxy Angel entered the charts at spot 10, selling 15,733 copies upon its debut. Square Enix's Final Fantasy X-2 fell to spot 11, selling 14,091 copies this week to bring its grand total to 1,917,624 copies. The fourth volume of Bandai's .hack for the PlayStation 2 dropped from spot 1 to 12, selling 11,465 copies this week and a total of 93,927 copies. Nintendo's Zelda: Legend of the Four Swords for the GBA came in at spot 14, selling 11,211 copies this week and a total of 229,677 copies. Capcom's Rockman EXE 3 Black climbed on spot up to 15, thereby selling 10,490 copies this week for a total of 74,656 copies. Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby came in at spots 19 and 20, selling 9,420 copies (for a total of 2,130,277 copies) and 8,790 copies (for a total of 2,078,682 copies) respectively, this week. Square Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance remained at spot 24, selling 6,463 copies this week for a total of 417,462 copies since its February 14th release. Sony Computer Entertainment's Arc The Lad Seiren no Tasogare (Twilight of Spirits) fell from spot 23 to 28, thereby selling 5,580 copies this week and a total of 143,465 copies. The All-in-One Pack of Final Fantasy XI: Vision of Jiraat entered the charts at spot 32, selling 4,508 copies upon its debut. The second Yu-Gi-Oh title in the charts, Duel Monsters 8 dropped from 25 to 34, selling 4,150 copies this week for a total of 83,558 copies. Natsume's Medarot CORE Kuwagata entered the charts at spot 39, selling 3,189 copies. The Megahits edition of Final Fantasy X fell to spot 41, but still managed to break the 100,000 mark, selling 3,111 copies this week to bring its total to 101,379 copies. Nintendo's GameCube title The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto dropped to 42, selling 2,971 copies for a total of 640,897 copies. By selling 2,884 copies this week, Square Enix's PlayStation 2 RPG Star Ocean: Till the End of Time came in at spot 44 and brought its total to 464,171 copies.

Chris Winkler

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