E3: Nintendo Lineup Details
05.14.03 - 5:04 PM

Nintendo's hot and crowded E3 booth has a lot to show off this year, including some surprise titles, including:

Custom Robo, a robot battle RPG for the GameCube, in which players can customize their own robots from more than 200 different parts and battle against other robots. The game also has a four-player option in which all players bring in and fight with their customized robots. No release date has been given yet.

Giftpia, which was previously unannounced for a North American release. Players have to help citizens raise money to put on a coming-of-age ceremony, by completing quests, doing odd jobs and participating in minigames. As the main character, Pockle, does more tasks, the more mature he grows.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords for the GameCube, in which players can connect up to four GameBoy Advances to a GameCube. While inside caves or houses, players switch to their GameBoy Advance screens and can see messages or do things without the other players knowing. While outside however, the GameCube screen spans out to show all the players.

The Legend of Zelda: Tetra's Trackers, another GameCube title in which up to four players can connect their GBAs to a GameCube. Players can play as one of four different colored versions of Link, and race against each other to collect stamps, as the pirate leader Tetra guides the group and gives them cues on the GameCube screen, and each player can see exclusive information on their own GBA screen. Tetra's Trackers also includes characters from The Wind Waker.

Fire Emblem for the GameBoy Advance, which is the first of Nintendo's popular strategy RPG series to be released in English. While currently titled simply Fire Emblem, the game is a localization of Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken, which was released in Japan just last month. The game will be released by the end of 2003.

Mario and Luigi for the GameBoy Advance, the first Mario RPG title to actually include Luigi as a playable character. The two brothers can be controlled seperately, or together for combos. While still having platformer elements, Mario and Luigi also has puzzles and an all new battle system.

RPGFan will bring you hands-on impressions of playable titles as the show continues.


Liz Maas

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