Post-E3: RPGFan Talks To Mythic Entertainment
05.21.03 - 8:09 PM

Mythic Entertainment took the time out to sit down with RPGFan and discuss their upcoming additions to the successful MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. Though there is still much work to be done, Mythic gave us a peek at some of the overhauls and additions the game will receive in the Trials of Atlantis and Foundations expansions.

Due out in June, Foundations is basically the addition of player-owned houses in the world of Camelot; it's not a retail expansion, but rather a large download for players. Rather than just allow players to find a suitable plot of land and purchase a house, Mythic decided to specifically create areas where houses can be built, so as to not encounter the problem Ultima Online suffered - high demand for new houses, but not enough space. RPGFan was assured that there are more than enough housing areas to accommodate thousands upon thousands of homes.

Mythic is going above and beyond and will include a variety of subtleties and graphical kicks for the various houses. When players are "home", the lights will be on and smoke will be coming from the chimney. Gamers can also set up signs denoting what skills they have and what goods they sell, and can set up NPCs to sell these items to a traveling gamer.

Trials of Atlantis will be a retail expansion pack. Not only does the expansion include the new area of Atlantis, but it gives the entire world of Camelot a full graphical upgrade. Water will now look more realistic, with added graphical effects. Most noticeably upgraded are the trees and ground textures; grass looks much more detailed, and now grass, sand, and dirt is seamlessly integrated rather than definitively separated.

Trials of Atlantis features a new story about the hidden land of Atlantis, which was destroyed thousands of years ago, but was far more advanced than the current inhabitants of Camelot. The Atlanteans knew that someday people would come and find their secrets, but to insure that these people were ready to receive the secrets and powers of the Atlanteans, they set up nine trials in order to test their skills. These nine trials vary in objective, and after their completion, gamers will gain new, powerful skills they can utilize across the world of Camelot. Though the game will not expand the leveling system past level 50, gamers can gain "Master Levels" up to nine by completing the various trials. The ability to swim underwater is now included, and gamers can also cast a variety of underwater spells.

There will also be three new races added to the world of Camelot, though no new classes. Trials of Atlantis is due to be released in October in retail chains across America.


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