Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
05.25.03 - 9:52 PM

One single new entry into this week's edition of the Japanes sales charts should speak volumes for itself, there was little to no movement. Nintendo's GameBoy Advance strategy title Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken climbed back to spot 2, selling 14,438 copies for a total of 178,590 copies. Square Enix's Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart for GBA sold 12,668 copies to bring its total of 498,698 copies. Bandai's PlayStation One From TV animation One Piece Oceans Dream added another 10,661 copies to its total of 92,892 copies. Broccoli's Chobits - Chidake no Hito for PlayStation 2 entered the charts at spot 10, selling 8,103 copies. Generation of Chaos 3: Toki no Fuuin, Idea Factory's PS2 simulation RPG fell from spot 6 to 12, thereby selling 7,495 copies this week and a total of 27,995 copies. By adding another 6,872 copies to this total of 484,728 copies, Bandai's 2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha for the PS2 regained some ground, climbing from spot 18 to 14. Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby each slipped by one spot, to 15 and 16 respectively. The former sold 6,810 copies (for a total of 2,176,086 copies) and the latter 6,490 copies (for a total of 2,121,832 copies) this week. Nintendo's Skip-developed GameCube RPG Giftpia remained at spot 17, selling 5,771 copies this week and a total of 55,271 copies. Equally unchanged at spot 20 is another Nintendo title, Zelda: Legend of the Four Swords which sold 5,238 copies this week for a total of 261,335 copies. Victor's Interactive's Bokujou Monogatari Mineral Town no Nakamatachi (Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town) stayed idle at spot 21, by selling 5,050 copies this week and a total of 58,187 copies. Capcom's GBA RPG Rockman EXE 3 Black slipped from spot 19 to 23, selling 4,620 copies and a total of 106,213 copies. Square Enix's Final Fantasy X-2 fell from spot 23 to 24. The sequel to Final Fantasy X sold 4,608 copies this week to bring its total to 1,950,553 copies. Konami's GBA title Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters 8 managed to break the 100,000 mark this week, by adding another 3,663 copies to its total of 100,126 copies. Square Enix's second GBA title in the charts, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance sold 3,514 copies this week to brings its total to 435,450 copies since its February 14th release. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters International Worldwide Edition dropped from spot 25 to 21, selling 3,460 copies for a total of 51,458 copies. Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 2 RPG Arc The Lad: Seiren no Tasogare (Twilight of the Spirits) climbed by one spot to 38, by selling 2,595 copies this week and a total of 157,471 copies since its March 20th release. Banpresto's Summon Kraftnot Monogatari lost some ground, by slipping to spot 45. The GBA title sold 2,084 copies in the process and thereby achieved a total of 43,210 copies. The Megahits edition of Final Fantasy X re-entered the charts, by selling 2,052 copies and a total of 112,370 copies. The fourth volume of Bandai's PlayStation 2 RPG series .hack sold 2,031 copies this week for a total of 109,916 copies, thereby falling from spot 40 to 47. Square Enix's Star Ocean: Till the End of Time re-entered the charts at spot 48, managing sales of 2,030 copies this week for a total of 473,928 copies. Takara's GBA RPG Bouken Yuuki Plaster World - Densetsu no Plaster World - Starter Set slipped to spot 50, selling 1,940 copies and a total of 12,689 copies.

Chris Winkler

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