Weekly Japanese Sales Update
06.01.03 - 10:29 PM

With no RPG making its way into the top 5 this week, Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart for the GameBoy Advance has been one of only two RPGs in the top ten, remaining on spot 6. The Square Enix title has sold 11,697 copies to break the gold mark, by reaching a total of 510,395 copies. Nintendo's strategy game Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken for thw GBA dropped from spot 2 to 8, selling 11,163 copies and a total of 189,753 copies. From Software's Rune II (Lost Kingdoms II) entered the charts at spot 12, selling 8,514 copies upon its debut. Pokemon Sapphire seems to remain more popular than its sister title Pokemon Ruby, by climbing back to spot 13. While Sapphire has sold 7,440 copies this week (for a total of 2,183,526 copies), Ruby sold 6,650 copies (for a total of 2,128,482 copies) on spot 19. Konami's newest Love Hina title for PlayStation 2 entered the charts at spot 14, selling 7,281 copies. Bandai's PlayStation One RPG From TV animation One Piece Oceans Dream fell from 8 to 15, by adding another 7,175 copies to its total of 100,067 copies. Princess Soft's adventure Phantom - Phantom of Inferno for PlayStation 2 sold 7,033 copies, thereby entering the charts at spot 16. Victor's Bokujou Monogatari Mineral Town no Nakamatachi (Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town) remained unchanged at spot 21, selling 5,788 for a total of 63,975 copies. Banpresto's 2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha for the PlayStation 2 fell from spot 14 to 22, by selling 5,115 copies this week to bring its total to 489,843 copies. The PlayStation One version of Kid's Kaitou Apricot entered the charts at spot 25, selling 4,436 copies. Nintendo's GBA title Zelda: Legend of the Four Swords slipped to spot 26, by selling 4,433 copies this week and a total of 265,768 copies. Another GBA title, Capcom's Rockman EXE 3 Black sold 4,400 copies this week and a total of 110,613 copies, thereby dropping to spot 27. Square Enix's Final Fantasy X-2 for the PlayStation 2 fell to 28, thereby adding another 4,226 copies to its grand total of 1,954,779 copies. Idea Factory's PS2 RPG Generation of Chaos 3: Toki no Fuuin dropped to spot 30, selling 3,628 copies and a total of 31,623 copies since its May 8th release. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA came in at spot 32, by selling 3,500 copies this week and a total of 438,950 copies. Nintendo's Skip-developed GameCube RPG Giftpia slipped from spot 17 to 33, selling 3,488 copies for a total of 58,759 copies. Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters 8 sold another 2,944 copies and a total of 103,070 copies, thereby coming in at spot 37. The second Idea Factory title in this week's edition of the sales charts, is the often-delayed Xbox RPG Ex-Chaser, which sold 2,675 copies and entered the charts at spot 41. Broccoli's adventure title Chobits - Chiidake no Hit dropped from spot 10 to 42, by selling 2,635 copies this week and a total of 10,738 copies. Sony Computer Entertainment's Arc The Lad Seiren no Tasogare (Twilight of the Spirits) added another 2,485 copies to its total of 159,956 copies. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters International Worldwide Edition for the GBA slipped to spot 47, selling 2,218 copies and a total of 53,676 copies. Upon re-entering the charts last week, the Megahits edition of Final Fantasy X fell from spot 46 to 50, selling 2,093 copies this week to bring its total to 114,463 copies.

Chris Winkler

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