Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Media Tour
08.26.03 - 5:01 PM

They say that there's nothing that modern science and philosophy can't explain. Everything in our material world can be summarized with tangible data that can be collected, stored and reproduced.

What then of the unknown? Have we gotten to the point where humans can rationalize and expound concepts that transcend our physical world? What about the metaphysical realm? What about the dark side of human consciousness? Where does that all come from - what makes us the masters of rational thought and creatures of reasoning? What really makes us the masters of our own world?

Enter the world of the intangible, where the laws of human reasoning and knowledge lay barren. Enter a realm where the origin of life and the fate of existance lay in the balance. Enter the world of the Shadowlands, where mankind's legacy will finally come full circle.

Anarchy Online: Shadowlands has been one of the most eagerly anticipated expansions to a PC MMORPG in the history of online role-playing. After years of delays and setbacks, the beast is about to be unleashed upon the masses.

Drawing from an intensely creative storyline that was outlined in Ragnar Tørnquist's novelization, "Prophet Without Honour," Anarchy Online: Shadowlands takes the arid cyberpunk world of Rubi-Ka to a darker, more metaphysical level.

Today we bring you a first-hand tour of the expansion to end all expansions. If that wasn't enough, we've even included our very own commentary as 3 of our editors discuss the pro's and con's of every aspect of the game. Still not enough for you? That's alright, there's more where that came from. We've also complied a seperate tour gallery of over 200 screen shots from our adventure through Shadowlands.

Just for kicks we've also included a modest update to our existing gallery with over 40 new official screenshots, artwork and wallpaper for all you graphics gluttons out there.

This is largest feature RPGFan has ever constructed and I hope you all enjoy the feature as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Stephen Harris

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