Soundtracks Update: Mana and More!
05.26.04 - 12:26 AM

Two updates in one month: it's obvious that school is out, and summer has hit hard. To cope with boredom without taking a summer job, I have teamed with Ryan Mattich (a.k.a. "Shiguma") to bring you, the faithful RPGFan reader, five different soundtrack reviews.

In the world of Seiken Densetsu, we bring tidings of great joy! Though we already had a review of the combined soundtrack, Seiken Densetsu Sound Collections, the original prints of the Seiken Densetsu OSV and Seiken Densetsu ~ Let Thoughts Ride on Knowledge (a stellar arranged disc) had been left un-reviewed, likely due to their obscure status.

Today, we are no longer in the dark, thanks to Mr. Mattich. Be sure to read these fine reviews.

As for my part, I reviewed the Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack, which features well-upgraded synth from the original Seiken Densetsu melodies, as well as an arranged piano disc and a bonus synth orchestra track. This has been one of my favorite soundtracks of the last year: don't miss this one!

As for the other two reviews...

We at RPGFan have been working our hardest to keep up with Square Enix's current game to milk for all its pop wonders, Final Fantasy X-2. Today, we have a review of the Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission OST, which features Jade's English vocals (that you all are probably most familiar with), as well as new instrumental tracks that put the songs from the old OST to shame. I know a lot of people were disappointed with this game and its OST, but I would urge you to give this soundtrack your attention, because the improvements in composition are obvious to any listener.

Our fifth and final review for the day is the Tales of Symphonia OST. With the game's American release coming closer and closer as the days pass (currently scheduled for a July 13th release), this is a soundtrack you should be sure to familiarize yourself with. The Sakuraba/Tamura tag-team, familiar to any Tales fan, is back for this romp through Namco's epic world.

In the upcoming weeks and months, RPGFan Soundtracks is looking at a promising summer season with plenty of reviews coming your way. Of course, as PBS says, this can't be done without the support of "viewers like you." Our site would be much worse off without reader reviews, so be sure to write in to soundtracks@rpgfan.com to let us know about any soundtracks you'd like to review.

Thanks so much! See you next time!

Patrick Gann

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