Sega Announces New Virtua Quest Details
06.02.04 - 3:55 AM

Sega AM2 has announced some new details regarding its upcoming action RPG Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Judgement Six no Yabou (Virtua Quest in the US) for PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Apart from protagonist Sei and the female lead Toka, the game will feature a huge cast of characters. Bit is a navigator offered as an option by the Treasure Hunters Equipment Club. 14-year old Hayami is a friend of Sei, but already has a long history as a treasure hunter in Nexus, the game's virtual world. Fan is a 13-year old resident of the city of Acropolis and a troublemaker. Roud seems to be aloof from the world and unmoved by everything, yet at the same time he detests injustice. While he helps Sei, it remains to be seen what his true intentions are. Gen is a software engineer working for the operator of Nexus, Joint Global Corporation. He also happens to be Sei's father. The highly-skilled man is often involved in major projects and hence rarely can afford to come home. He always feels sorry for his son, though. Shatt is a mysterious hunter who is also looking for the Virtua Soul. Sei's enemy, the mysterious organization known as Judgement Six is headed by a dark-clad man known as The Moon. He is controlling the group's support for international conflicts and terror. The workaholic enjoys dedicating all his time to his job. Nonetheless, he is a very well-trained fighter. The way to The Moon only leads over a man known as Iron First. Totally loyal to his boss, the head of the organization's combat troops is clad in massive armor. Other members of the group include three brothers known as the Three-pronged Spear. The trio, which is always together, is a major threat to every opponent, but if only one of them is missing they will go insane. So far, two characters from the main Virtua Fighter series of fighting games have been revealed to also make appearances in the game: Akira and Jeffrey.

Two locations within Nexus have also been announced. First is Curio City, a server created as a shopping district. Since users have lost interest in it, it was closed down and continues to exist in its neglected state. Wild Corridor was created as a park with the lack of real green areas in Acropolis in mind. Since an automatic weather program is running on the server, there is no need for any administration here either.

Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation: Judgement Six no Yabou will be released in Japan on July 29th for 6,800 yen ($61.63 US). Virtua Quest will hit North American retail store shelves later this year.

Chris Winkler

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