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First Waga Tatsu wo Miyo Details Revealed
07.28.04 - 1:49 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed first details regarding its newest RPG project, Waga Tatsu wo Miyo: Pride of the Dragon Peace. The PlayStation 2 title, developed by Shouji Masuda will tell a tale of enraged spirits which cause floods, earthquakes and cyclones. The game's protagonist named Justy and his dragon are fighting those spirits to restore order. Apart from the mission-based story mode, the title will also offer a tournament mode and the chance to fight against or cooperate with human players. Considering all the customization alternatives, there will be about 20,000 different dragons. Training your pet will result in it memorizing attack patterns. Also, its stats can be altered by the things you hunt and give to it as food. Apart from the protagonist, the female lead's name has been revealed to be Meg.

Waga Tatsu wo Miyo: Pride of the Dragon Peace will be available in Japan on October 28th for 5,800 yen ($52.28 US).

Chris Winkler

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