Sony Computer Entertainment Announces Compilation Album
01.05.05 - 12:22 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced a compilation album featuring tracks from various first party games the company has released for PlayStation One and PlayStation 2. Titled Game Music Collection: Sony Computer Entertainment BEST, the one-disc album will be published by King Records on January 23rd. It will be available for 2,800 yen ($26.76 US). Below you will find the complete track listening of the album:

01 Arc the Lad Theme, Arc the Lad
02 Carry on Everyday/ Saeko Chiba, Alundra 2
03 Door/Yukari Obata, Double Cast: Yaru Dora Series Volume 1
04 Theme Song Doko demo Issho Opening Version, Doko demo Issho
05 Rap la Muumuu/Bakin Muroi and Muumuu Seijin, Jumping Flash 2
06 Kono Hiroi Nohara ippai/Fumi Ootou, Boku no Natsu Yasumi
07 Gunparade March: Utae Tomo yo, Chikara no Kagiri/Kazunori Yamaguchi, Gunparade March
08 Hana/Ryouko Kihara, Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke
09 Ghost Dance/Yu-Kalie, Yukiwari no Hana: Yaru Dora Series Volume 4
10 Kiss the Book, The Book of Watermarks
11 Moon Over The Castle, Gran Turismo
12 Crash Banjikyuusu/SCSCZPIS, Crash Bandicoot
13 Theory, IQ Final
14 Tamanegi Sensei no Kung-Fu Rap/Tamanegi Sensei and Parappa, Parappa The Rapper
15 Hold on/Maleen, Samba Guitar: Yaru Dora Series Volume 3
16 If You Still Believe/Elsa Raven, Legend of Dragoon
17 Pietro no Tabidachi/Julietta Shibata, Popolocrois Monogatari
18 Kisetsu wo Dakishimete/Fumi Outou, Kisetsu wo Dakishimete: Yaru Dora Series Volume 2

Chris Winkler

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