Soundtracks "Oldschool" Update
02.09.05 - 8:24 PM

I promised a retro update, and now I offer it to you like a caterer would offer mini-tacos and vegetarian egg rolls. Take part in the feast, my friends! Taste the nostalgia!

Reader-reviewer Dragon God kicks off things by reviewing Tengai Makyou ~ The Apocalypse IV OST. This game was released in early 1997 for the Sega Saturn; ah, I remember the days when the Sega Saturn was still "new". Do you weep, do you long for those days as I do? Whether or not you share my sentiment, you will be forced to agree with Dragon God with his overwhelmingly positive review of Sasagawa's classic score.

Editor Damian Thomas brings another import-only title to the stage: this time, PoPoLoCRoIS Story II is the game. Released for the original Sony PlayStation (how in the world is that already "oldschool"? And by whose standards?), this game sports some solid music from the 32-bit era. This soundtrack has been overlooked by many, but I won't stand for it anymore. In other words, you should read this review.

Two down, nine to go. The rest of the reviews were written by me, simply because I adore the forgotten days: the days of our youth.

Starting with four Falcom-based soundtracks: Falcom Special Box '91, Music From The Legend of Heroes III ~ The White Witch, Sorcerian Super Arrange Version II, and Music From Ys II. Spanning from 1988 to 1994, these soundtrack releases are all fairly old, and the corresponding games are also quite old. The Special Box contains a special music video, and the OST for The Legend of Heroes III sports some snazzy JDK Band bonus tracks.

Exploring what are, for many, "uncharted waters", I have reviewed soundtracks for two Glodia games: Emerald Dragon and Vain Dream. Both of these soundtracks have full OST-style tracklists, but the music quality was slightly upgraded for the sake of the listener. Both released in 1992, these soundtracks are quite old and quite difficult to find these days. Bask in the light of obscurity, bathe in the waters of import titles, and do not miss out on these fine soundtrack reviews!

The last three soundtrack reviews are all very delightful. They are:

The Legend of Zelda Sound & Drama
Lunar: Eternal Blue Lunatic Parade Vol.1
Technosoft Game Music Collection Vol. 9 -Voyage- (contains the OST to the import PlayStation RPGNeorude)

Ranging from the classic 8-bit sounds the whole way to PlayStation quality synth from 1997, these three individual soundtracks are all outstanding in their own right.

Okay, so those are the eleven. Next update will have a lot less than eleven: maybe seven, maybe five, maybe just one...who knows! Stay tuned, because whatever it is, it will be worth reading about. Expect more Lunar in the next few months as well as we take a look back at RPGFan's roots in LunarNET, and why this series is so worthy of our attention.

Patrick Gann

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