Sega Announces New MMORPG RF Online
06.21.05 - 9:15 PM

Sega today announced a PC-based MMORPG titled RF Online at a press conference in Tokyo today. The science-fiction-themed title was developed by CCR, who released the game in South Korea in December 2004. Its main theme is "interstellar war" and its world features both traditional fantasy elements like swords and magic as well as science ficition elements.

The game's primary aim is to bring a mine located on the planet of Novas under one's control. This mine is guarded by a powerful monster known as Holy Stone Keeper. The state that controls this monster, also controls the mine. Inside the mine, users can look for various items which can be used as ingredients to create new items or power up existing ones.

Users can align themselves with one of three different countries: The Holy Alliance of Cora, the Federation of Peraat and the Aclesia Empire.

The inhabitants of Cora are gifted long-range fighters who excel when fighting with firearms and magic. Their force of will and psychic abilities allows them to summon beasts from another world. The central element of their society is Disem, their one and only god. Following an internal conflict, they founded a religious state called the Holy Alliance of Cora. This state is centered around a pope.

The Peraat are a logically and rationally thinking race. In battle they resort first and foremost to tactics and strategy. A system of interstellar trading routes called Peraat Line is used to connect their various colonies, mines and trade ports. However, following their defeat at the hands of Cora and Aclesia, the Peraat Federation's decline began. Currently a moderate splitter group is trying to gain indepedence from the Federation.

In battle the Aclesians usually rely on long-range weaponry. Based on the logic of power, they have evolved into a society centered around advanced machinery. While Aclesia managed to defeat Peraat in a previous war, it is now facing an internal crisis.

In Japan RF Online will enter its closed beta testing phase on July 7th. An open beta test will follow sometime this year. Those wanting to play Sega's newest online title will need a PC with the following minimum specifications: Windows 2000 (SP2 or higher) or Windows XP (SP1 or higher) operating system, Pentium III 1 GHz CPU, 256 MB of main memory, Direct 3D compatible graphics card with 32MB video RAM, 800*600 16-bit screen resolution, DirectX 8.1 compatible soundcard, more than 3 GB of free HDD space, high speed internet connection with 256kbps. The recommended specifications are as follows: Pentium 4.2GHz and above, 512 MB or higher and nVIDIA GeForce 4 or higher (alternatively ATI Radeon 8500 or higher).

RF Online will be released in Japan this fall.

Chris Winkler

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