Mixed Bag o' Soundtrack Reviews
07.03.05 - 1:04 PM

The soundtrack reviews have hit my inbox like a flood, and I've had the time to write some myself. In the last few weeks, we've been able to "categorize" these updates. Today is the leftovers, if you will: the hodge-podge of music that you wanted to talk about, read about, and listen to.

Reader reviewer Jesse Jones submits reviews for two CDs that came to America in the form of promotional items. First is the Growlanser Generations Soundtrack, which came with the limited edition of the game released by Working Designs. Second is The Music of Suikoden, a special "Best of" CD Konami offered to Americans who got Suikoden IV and paid attention for the bonus offer.

Another reader reviewer, Daniel Bowman, sent in reviews of two fairly obscure import albums. First is the soundtrack to what Americans know as Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for GameCube (it's Bokujou Monogatari in Japan). One disc, almost one hour, almost sixty tracks...these short blips of music combine to make an apparently soothing and charming album. Bowman also brings us a review of NIS' 10th Anniversary Concert, which is a live album featuring performances by Tenpei Sato and the voice actors to characters from the Puppet Princess/Marl's Kingdom series.

Dragon God, a regular here at the 'Fan Soundtracks (and at Chudah's Corner) brings us a review of Tengai Makyou Zero Digital Remix, a three disc set from the Super Famicom era. To complement this update, I reviewed the Tengai Makyou ~ The Apocalypse IV Vocal Selection, a classic vocal album featuring songs performed from the game's many unique villains.

Finally, I whipped up a review for the Shining Force Neo Music Collection, which has music composed by Shiro Sagisu (known for his work in the successful anime Neon Genesis Evangelion).

There are today's seven. I can't guarantee another large update in a week's time, but as I've said many times before, expect soundtrack reviews for Lunar and the Atelier series, among other things. And don't be shy! Write a review and send it my way!

Enjoy the update, and have a good day.

Patrick Gann

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