Soundtracks "Second Looks"
09.20.05 - 8:08 PM

Sometimes it's good to take a second look, either to affirm what someone said, or to disagree with what has been said.

Damian Thomas takes another look at the recently-released soundtrack for Riviera. This GBA title featured some pretty impressive music, though the composer isn't well-known by any means. Maybe this means the start of a new career for this composer.

Do those "best of" albums ever live up to their name? Or, rather, are they good enough to be marketable to someone who isn't familiar with the game under which the music is related? Find out by reading Daniel Space's review of "Very Best of The Legend of Heroes III" -- he knows nothing about the games, but was still fascinated by this soundtrack.

Those are the "second looks" for the week. However, we still have our standard weekly update of "first looks" too. These soundtracks are all much older; hence, it's time for you to learn a bit about the heritage of VGM.

Starting in the PS1 era, Damian Thomas has some thoughts about the very obscure promotional item "Genso Suikoden Orgel Collection." Six tracks, music box style, hard to find. Yeah, it's not too old, I know. It's sort of old.

Working our way backwards, I wrote up a review for TearRingSaga's Original Soundtrack. This was done in anticipation for the Berwick Saga release, which is the sequel to the wonderful yet lesser-known tactical RPG. Hopefully, we'll have a review to you for this new game's OST in the near future.

Finally, I took some time to review two very old soundtracks from Quintet. Though Illusion of Gaia never got a soundtrack release, two other games did: Tenchi Sozo (known also as Terranigma) and Soul Blader (also called Soul Blazer). These soundtracks are rare enough to be considered "holy grails" in the VGM world. Enjoy the reviews.

Oh yes, and I should mention that if you notice that our Soul Blader tracklist is different from anyone else's on the Internet, I boldly proclaim that it's because ours is correct (thanks to translator "Maou"). We are very thankful to Maou for all his hard work.

Expect reviews of some of the newer releases in the next few weeks. If you have any of the recently-released soundtracks, know that we are very interested in hearing what you have to say about them! Please consider submitting a review!


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