Princess Soft Announces White Clarity
09.24.05 - 1:30 AM

Princess Soft is currently working on a PlayStation 2 version of the love adventure title White Clarity, titled White Clarity: And the tears became you. Originally released by Actress for the PC platform in Japan on July 22nd, the game tells the story of protagonist Yuu. Despite growing up in an orphanage, he has become a curious and forward thinking young man. Currently he is working in the mansion of the eccentric Semon. In the mansion's basement there is a locked room. Rumor has it that it used to be a jail and hence even now ghosts reside inside. After the protagonist somehow manages to obtain the key to said room, his curiousity forces him to use it. Upon entering the room, he finds another door and behind it, an albino girl named Rino. Other heroines include the maid Sia and Nana, a fellow orphan who acts like Yuu's little sister.

White Clarity: And the tears became you for PlayStation 2 will be available in Japan on December 29th. The standard version will go on sale for 6,800 yen ($60.88 US), while the first print limited edition will retail for 7,800 yen ($69.82 US).

Chris Winkler

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