New Devil Summoner Kuzu no Ha Raidou Details Revealed
01.16.06 - 9:28 PM

Atlus has revealed some new tidbits about its upcoming PlayStation 2 title Devil Summoner: Kuzu no Ha Raidou tai Chouryoku Heidan. The game's villain is a devil summoner by the name of Rasputin. The mysterious man has a tendency of only speaking a few words in unseemly Japanese and summons demons to attack Raidou. As Raidou is trying to solve the case of Kaya Daidouji, who has disappeared, he frequently runs into Rasputin. It seems as if he has orders to eliminate anyone who investigates the powerful Daidouji family.

Devil Summoner: Kuzu no Ha Raidou tai Chouryoku Heidan will be available in Japan on March 2nd for 6,800 yen ($59.58 US).

Chris Winkler

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