Official Baiten Kaitos II Site Goes Live
01.30.06 - 6:51 PM

Nintendo has opened the official website for its Monolith Soft-developed RPG prequel Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi. The game's protagonist, Sagi, is a member of the Empire's elite assassination squad. While he is bright and optimistic, he doesn't mind being made the scapegoat for something, as long as he gets paid. Milly is a young girl that all of the sudden appears in front of Sagi. She is a self-proclaimed graduate of a magic school, but her skills are anything but mindblowing. Guillo looks like a Machina developed by the Empire, but unlike those creatures he is capable of thinking for himself and talking. Baelheit is the developer of the robotic soldiers known as Machina. He is a powerful figure and plans to use his machines to gain control over the continent. It is Baelheit who gives Sagi and Guillo the command to kill the Emperor. As the duo enters the Emperor's resting place however, they find out that somebody has been quicker and already disposed of the Emperor. Nonetheless, it is Sagi who is accused of having murdered the Emperor. The 49-year old Nero is in charge of the Empire's armed forces. The sharp-minded man is not only a legend when it comes to dealing with spirits, but also supports the protagonist. Geldoblame is Nero's left hand.

In addition to character-specific deathblows, the development team at Monolith Soft has implemented so-called relay combos in the battle system. If certain conditions are met, players will be able to unleash a series of attacks by up to three characters.

Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no Tsubasa to Kamigami no Shishi will be available in Japan on February 23rd for 6,800 yen ($57.97 USD).

Chris Winkler

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