Pionesoft Brings New Love Adventure to PS2
09.28.06 - 4:43 PM

Pionesoft announced plans today to bring Symphony's adventure game Ojousama Kumikyoku to PlayStation 2 next March. Originally released for the PC platform on April 22nd 2005, the game's new version will feature a new opening sequence, opening and ending themes performed by Aramary, as well as a new heroine and an original scenario.

After a tough entrance exam, the game's protagonist succeeds at entering a high school renowned nationwide. Upon arriving at his new dormitory, he quickly realizes this is not the place where he was supposed to stay. In fact, it is a girls-only dorm. After contacting the school's administration, he finds out that he has been enrolled into a girls-only campus. The game will feature the following ten heroines:

The bright Hinako Fujisawa, who tends to get along with everybody, ends up sharing a room with the protagonist.

Being the daughter of a large corporation's president, Tsukasa Mochizuki has a lot of fans who marvel at her beauty. Living at home and not in the school's dormitory, she leads a sheltered life.

Katsumi Arisa sits on a very high horse and behaves accordingly.

Sae Shirakawa is an honest and hard working person. She always aims to be on the same level as Katsumi in each and every aspect.

Koyuki Nishikujou is a quiet girl with a weak constitution. Sometimes she acts like a child, but most of the time she just seems lethargic and reticent.

Marin Ichinose is a bright and always smiling girl. While she is very popular among her fellow students, she also happens to be somewhat of a loner.

Mutsuko Uehara likes gossip and as a follower of each new fad, is a big fan of Katsumi.

Yuri Minami is a bright and frank senior student who is very good at sports.

Ayase Iwamoto is the nice and beautiful teacher in charge of the protagonist's class. She is also the administrator of the protagonist's dormitory.

Nanase Iwamoto is Ayase's younger sister and the heroine exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version. While she seems to be a perfect younger sister, she was educated to compensate for Ayase's weaknesses. She is one of the very few students with realistic ideas on campus, but thanks to her good humored nature, is still very popular.

Ojousama Kumikyoku: Sweet Concert for PlayStation 2 will be available in Japan in late March 2007. The first-print edition will ship with a drama CD that also contains the game's opening and ending theme.

Chris Winkler

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