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PS2 Version of Pure x Cure Announced
07.27.07 - 11:22 AM

Next month Alchemist will bring Pure x Cure to Japanese PlayStation 2s. This love adventure was originally released by Chuable Soft for the PC platform in February 2005. The game's protagonist is Hiromi Yonekura. The young man has been assigned to become a part-time teacher in charge of an infirmary at a girls-only school. The game features the following heroines:

Karin Tachibana is a bright third-year student brimming with curiosity, who often stops by the infirmary. Karin's older sister, Yuzuri, was the protagonist's first girlfriend. She died in an accident eight years ago.
Mizuki Yoshino is a classmate and good friend of Karin's. She has a firm character and is very helpful.
Haruna Kaburagi is a transfer student who has not attended classes at her new school even once.
Tsukino Kagurazaka is a second-year student. She also happens to be the daughter of the school board's chairman. The physically weak girl is a regular patient at the infirmary.
Sheemei Chiyu is an elite exchange student from Taiwan. She is strong-willed and stubborn, but even the smallest trifle results in her getting red in the face.
Shouko Saibara is a second-year student with a habit of simulating illnesses in order to relax at the infirmary.
Ayako Gunji is a popular Japanese teacher and childhood friend of the protagonist.

The game's console version will feature several scenario edits as well as a completely new scenario. To go with the new scenario, Alchemist has added several new CG scenes. Existing CG sequences have also been improved to look more realistic. Furthermore, potential buyers can look forward to a new intro sequence and opening theme. Last but not least, a new playable bonus scenario for each heroine will become accessible after the player has successfully beaten the game.

Pure x Cure Recovery for PlayStation 2 will be available in Japan on August 23rd. The game's standard version will retail for 6,800 yen ($56.66 US), while the limited edition will carry a price tag of 8,800 yen ($73.33 US). The latter will ship with an artbook, a maxi single, and a drama CD.

Chris Winkler

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