New Agarest Senki Information Announced
08.25.07 - 12:17 PM

Compile Heart has updated the official website for Agarest Senki, the PlayStation 3 title that the company is jointly developing with Idea Factory and RED Entertainment. Three new characters set to appear in the second of the game's five generations have been revealed.

Arbol is a young member of the Lulent race living in an old forest. Together with the High Elves, the Lulent are the oldest race existing in the world of Agarest. Arbol follows the memories and knowledge that has been passed down by the Lulent since ancient times. Since these memories actually extend beyond the birth of the race, the Lulent could be referred to as the sole living source capable of reporting about the Age of the Gods. While Sharona is usually brimming with curiosity, intellectual and prudent, she also has a tendency to lose her temper over things that don't go down as planned. Furthermore, she has a strange obsession with her and other people's ages, hence asking her about her age also has become a taboo. Bashtar is a mysterious warrior who has lost his memory. Drifted ashore, he was found by Radius. While he has lost his memory, he has not lost his considerable fighting skills. In fact, the cool-headed man is the most feared warrior on the continent and is called "Deep Crimson Fang" by the people.

In Agarest Senki's towns, players will find various useful facilities. At the blacksmith's guild, they can improve their weapons, while at the adventurer's guild one can obtain various titles. Last but not least, there is also a room where a fortune teller is looking into the protagonist's future.

A previously unannounced, prominent feature of the game will be the so-called Link Gauge. Depending on the player's selections in the game's adventure part and the progression of the scenario, this gauge will change and subsequently trigger off a different scenario branch with different events. The Link Gauge is also closely related to the three heroines' feelings for the protagonist. Unlike most love adventures and dating simulations, Agarest Senki shows the player how the trio of heroines feels about his actions.

System-wise, Compile Heart has added so-called extra skills to the strategy battles. These are special character-specific attacks. In total, Agarest Senki will boast about 400 different kinds of skills. Apparently it will also be able to capture monsters and afterwards turn them into party members.

Last but not least, the developers have chosen Kei Kamakura's song "Oni Gokko" as the game's main theme. "Oni Gokko" is one of eleven songs featured on Kamakura's debut album "Love Activity", which is already available in Japan.

Agarest Senki will hit Japanese retail store shelves on September 27th for 6,800 yen ($58.63 US).

Chris Winkler

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