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Soundtracks: The Depths of Obscurity
09.23.07 - 4:43 AM

Let's start with a reader review, shall we?

Now, everyone and their mom knows about Shin Megami Tensei these days. But what about the original Megami Tensei? Yeah, the two games developed and published by NAMCO, not Atlus? Maybe you weren't aware. Even if you were aware, maybe you didn't know that series composer Tsukasa Masuko got his start here, or that VGM veteran Ryo Yonemitsu did an arranged disc for these games? Well anyway, check out Megami Tensei I•II, reviewed by Ben Schweitzer.

The rest of today's update falls on my shoulders. I picked up some extremely obscure, out-there stuff from used sellers in Japan. What did I find?

First, I found two albums from TGL's long-running series Farland Story. Key members of TGL eventually went on to form Studio E.go!, hentai-RPG masters whose roster includes Castle Fantasia. But you know, on RPGFan's own site, this is our first real coverage of any Farland titles...not an uncommon experience for us in the soundtracks department.

Farland Story Legend is an interesting arranged album for the second game in the series, whereas Farland Story ~ Proof of the Beast King is the OST for game number 7. Eventually we'll fill in the gaps, but for now, accept these two reviews as humble offerings to you, o seeker of obscurity.

The other, we actually have seen covered on our site previously. Abarenbou Princess for PlayStation 2 was given a comprehensive image gallery and detailed news report from ex-staff member Nicole (Sumire). Today, we add some coverage to the table, with two soundtrack reviews. An OST-ish album and an arrange-ish album await you.

Like it or leave it. That's the update for today. In the (near) future, be ready for some Shining soundtracks, some additional Persona albums, some Tales music, and a whole lot more.

Patrick Gann

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