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Patrick Gann
Fresh Square Enix Soundtracks Update: Includes Dragon Quest IX
Also includes that SaGa 2 DS remake and a couple other albums. Check it out!
09.30.09 - 11:29 PM

I promised this update would come before the end of the month. And with about 30 minutes to go, I hold to my word. Thank me later.

My thanks are owed to two of our great staff members here at RPGFan. Senior staff member and possessor of knowledge on all things Dragon Quest, Damian Thomas, brings us a review of the Dragon Quest IX OST. Well, it's a "synthesizer arrange plus OST" kind of album. We're still holding out for a symphonic suite. But this two disc set will give you a heaping helping of Sugiyama's latest work in its original context.

The other person to rock the Soundtracks boat is Liz Maas. Now, this isn't a Square Enix release proper, but it does include some S-E IPs on it. Namely, Xenogears and Chrono Cross. That's right! Yasunori Mitsuda's new best-of vocal album, "Colours of Light" (intentionally spelled the British way), includes almost every lyrical vocal track he's recorded for video games. That includes the PSOne classics, but it also includes new stuff like Soma Bringer, World Destruction, and some Chinese game called The Seventh Seal. Good times!

Now then, for my contributions. Unfortunately for me, it seems I was left with the boring stuff.

First, Blood of Bahamut. I was excited about this soundtrack release for the new DS game with music by Naoshi Mizuta (Final Fantasy XI). But it turned out to be quite underwhelming. The same can, and should, be said about the soundtrack to SaGa 2 The Treasure Legend Goddess of Destiny (what a mouthful!), the DS remake to one of my favorite games in the SaGa series. Unfortunately, the new arrangements take the route of "synth upgrade" instead of "live recordings." Ouch.

Finally, we have a review of the "Reunion Tracks" album for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Yeah, we know it's not an RPG. It's not even a game. But hey, it's a film based on one of the best-selling RPGs of all time, and it's got new arrangements. If you feel like hearing One-Winged Angel for the thousandth time, in its hundredth version, this is your one-stop shot to scratch such an itch.

Okay, and that's all we got for today. After covering such high-profile Square Enix titles, expect some lesser-known soundtracks for coverage in the month of October.


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