Eric Farand
Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Extravaganza
English screenshots, impressions, demo, release date and more!
01.18.10 - 10:42 PM

If you're a longtime RPGFan visitor, you probably remember our humble begining as a website called LunarNet. Obviously, our name stemmed from our love of the Lunar series and while many things have changed on RPGFan since then, one thing hasn't changed and that's our love of the series.

Last week, XSEED released a demo of the upcoming Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for the PSP. If you haven't given it a try yet, go and grab it on the PlayStation Network. Obviously, we didn't waste any time grabbing the demo and we have captured 40 screenshots of the demo. The screenshots were mostly taken to show the localization from XSEED which is a mixture of the old script from Working Designs' Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete on PlayStation and some new dialogue from XSEED. You can check out the screenshots by following the link below. The new screens start somewhere on the 3rd page and continue on the 4th page.

Another interesting thing to note about the demo is that we now have a chance to check out the new voices for the game. Not surprisingly, none of the original voice actors from the PlayStation version are back so we're treated to an entirely new crew this time around. The only familiar voice is that of Jennifer Stigile who once again lent her voice for the vocal songs in the game (albeit with different lyrics from the original). Only time will tell if fans of the original will be happy or disapointed with the new voices. You can check out the new voices by downloading the demo or you could listen to the voices on the official website for the game.

XSEED has finally launched the official website of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. The website is full of information about past games in the series but most importantly, they have samples of all the new voices for the characters in the game.

Last but not least, we also seem to have a more firm release date for the game as Amazon.com is reporting it as a February 23rd release.

For anybody looking for more information on this series, don't hesitate to visit LunarNet which has the most extensive coverage of the Lunar series on the internet and is owned by the original creator of the RPGFan site that you currently see.


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