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Liz Maas
Class of Heroes 3 To Go Multiplatform
PS3 and PSP owners, rejoice.
06.10.10 - 2:22 AM

Even though the second title in the Class of Heroes series has yet to be released, developer Acquire has already announced a third installment. Not only is Class of Heroes 3 slated for a fall release in Japan, but it will also be available on both the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3.

The school-based dungeon crawler will have much of the same mechanics as the first two games, with the main protagonist being completely customizable. Players choose from three schools for their character to attend, and the story - and of course, the school uniform - will change depending on which school they choose. The third title will get a bit of a facelift though, with improved visuals and a more 'user-friendly' interface.

Like Class of Heroes 2G, Class of Heroes 3 will be fully voiced, and the J-pop group Sphere will appear as in-game NPCs. The two versions of the game will also link up to each other to access monsters and items; as well they will also link up to the the previous games.

Class of Heroes 2G will be released in Japan on July 15th. Both versions of Class of Heroes 3 will be available in September.


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