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Pokémon Black & White: Seven New Pokémon Detailed
Scans & details on Wi-Fi connectivity, the Isshu Region, and the first female Pokémon Professor revealed.
06.12.10 - 1:50 AM

CoroCoro magazine has once again divulged a wealth of information on the upcoming Nintendo DS titles Pokémon Black & White. The biggest bombshell was the reveal of seven brand-new Pokémon:

  • Gear, the Gear Pokémon. (Steel) Height: 0.3m, Weight: 21kg. It resembles a set of cogs. It has either the Plus or Minus ability, and has a new attack called Gear Saucer, which attacks the opponent multiple times.

  • Mamepato, the Baby Pidgeon Pokémon. (Normal / Flying) Height: 0.3m, Weight: 2.1kg. It looks a bit like a miniature Honchkrow, except with Pidgeon-like features. It has either the Super Luck ability or a new ability called Pidgeon Heart, which prevents its defense from being lowered.

  • Munna, the Dream Eater Pokémon. (Psychic) Height: 0.6m, Weight: 23.3kg. It is pink and spherical, with flowers adorning its back. It has either the Forewarn or Synchronize ability, and has a new attack called Telekinesis, which makes the opponent float in midair.

  • Chiramii, the Chinchilla Pokémon. (Normal) Height: 0.4m, Weight: 5.8kg. It has large ears and a bushy tail. It has either the Cute Charm or Technician ability, and has a new attack called Sweep Slap, which attacks the opponent multiple times.

  • Hihidaruma, the Flaming Pokémon. (Fire) Height: 1.3m, Weight: 92.9kg. It resembles an ape with Kabuki face paint. It has a new ability called Encourage.

  • Shimama, the Charged Pokémon. (Electric) Height: 0.8m, Weight: 29.8kg. It looks like an electric zebra with a lightning bolt for a horn. It has either the Lightning Rod or Motor Drive ability, and has a new attack called Wild Volt, which does heavy damage to the opponent but causes recoil damage to Shimama.

  • Meguroko, the Desert Crocodile Pokémon. (Dark / Ground) Height: 0.7m, Weight: 15.2kg. It looks like a striped crocodile with dark rings around its eyes. It has either the Intimidate ability or a new ability called Earthquake Spiral, which raises its attack when it defeats an opponent.

Legendary Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom also had their types revealed. The former is a Dragon / Fire type, while the latter is a Dragon / Electric type.

A map of the Isshu Region was among the images displayed in CoroCoro. The landscape is lush and verdant, with tracts of land divided by aquatic schisms, and is offset by a desert to the south, just above the sprawling Hiun City.

Players will receive their starter Pokémon from Professor Araragi, the first female Professor in series history. She uses a Chiramii to introduce the player to Pokémon in the game's intro.

Some of the game's Wi-Fi features were briefly touched upon. There will be a new in-game device called the C Cog or C Gear, which enables some sort of additional wireless functionality. There will also be a feature called Random Match, which will allow players to battle with other people at random across the globe.

Finally, while it has not been implicitly stated, a screenshot showing a Celebi following a player indicates that the partner Pokémon function will be returning from Heart Gold & Soul Silver.

Stay tuned for more Pokémon Black & White coverage as early as next week's E3.


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