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Kimberley Wallace
E3: Legend of Heroes First Look
XSEED's other big Falcom series.
06.17.10 - 1:35 AM

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to actually see any of the Trails of the Sky Trilogy, since it will be the last to be released of all the current titles XSEED is working on. XSEED really wants everybody who played any of the past localizations of the Legend of Heroes titles to put those translations out of their minds. Those were not Falcom's original designs or intended translations. XSEED is making sure we get the Trails of Sky Trilogy just the way it was intended to be. The biggest selling point of the Trials of the Sky Trilogy appears to be its very tactial battle system. You can move around and position your units for the best strategy. The game also features special boost moves. You can see the units' turn order on the side and boost your turn accordingly. This may remind people a lot of Xenosaga's boosts in regards to turn order. XSEED also promises something even more unique - extreme detail about the world you exploring. There will be side missions, so you can learn everything possible about the world from its history to current events. All the villagers have names and distinct personalities, so there's no cookie-cutter characters. The detail in this game even goes as far as to feature a newspaper you can find in the game. There are a total of eleven issues of this newspaper in the first game and it will feature specific captions and pictures of what's going on around town. Another cool fact is that this is the first PSP game to be released on two UMDs due to its large size. XSEED promises a lot of effort will go into this translation and it will be a very detailed specific game. We may not see any of the Legend of Heroes titles until after all of the Ys titles, but it's worth keeping on your radar.


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