Patrick Gann
And Now For Something Completely Different... Graphic Adventure Soundtracks!
I'm doing what I can to break up the E3 madness.
06.17.10 - 10:48 PM

Hey, it's tough sitting at home when E3 is going on. I want to be in the action, on the show floor with my long-distance RPGFan buddies. But I'm not.

So I reviewed a whole bunch of soundtracks. Mostly for Tokimeki Memorial.

Well, first of all, let's take special note of a review that's not from ye olde Pat Gann.

Neal Chandran did a review of the massive five disc "Character Single Box" for the new PSP title Tokimeki Memorial 4. It's kind of a big deal. And that's a lot of vocal tracks too. Check it out!

Me? I did reviews for both "Music Collection" (arrange) albums for Tokimeki Memorial 2 to follow-up on my OGS reviews from April. I also reviewed the OGS (that's "Original Game Soundtrack") for Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side. Because, secretly, I want to be a girl.

No I don't. But I have no problem with guys who harbor such wishes. And if you do harbor such a wish, you might want to import that game. And check out its music. High school dating sims are weird and awesome at the same time.

Then I went in a completely random direction and did a few listens for the vocal collection album of Memories Off ~Sore Kara~. That's right. Neal got me hooked on those KID titles and their music. Let's blame Neal. He's a good sport about it.

We have the obligatory soundtrack review for the Record of Agarest War: Really Naughty Limited Edition released by Aksys in late April. That was a 360-exclusive thing, so it was hard for this PS3 owner to track down. But I got it, and it has one bonus track that the Japanese soundtrack does *not* have. I think you'll like it.

Finally, "now for something completely different" ... again. I've had this review prepared for awhile and it just isn't fitting any of my other themed updates. So here it is, the soundtrack review for Atelier Lina, another of those DS games (which I have quickly relegated to "black sheep" status). Hint: I didn't like the soundtrack.

Next update? Probably some Genso Suikoden. And after that? How about the four disc soundtrack for Xenoblade, coming out June 24th? Be ready for it!


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