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Telltale Dates Back to the Future: The Game
Tell me Doc, where are we going this time?
12.16.10 - 11:20 PM

If you were to ask me why, as a site who covers graphic adventure games, we have yet to talk about Telltale Games' upcoming Back to the Future: The Game series, I have no excuses. In an attempt to make amends, today we have a small gallery and, most importantly, news of a release date!

If you haven't kept up with news on the game, the story takes place six months after the events of Back to the Future Part III, when the DeLorean suddenly reappears in front of Marty - but without a driver. And since nobody needs that pesky space time continuum being unraveled (no thanks to Schala and the Time Devourer), he decides to hop in and see if a younger Doc Brown can help him make sense of the situation.

Since the episodic game has been developed as a collaboration with the film's co-creator and writer Bob Gale, not to mention Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Doc Brown, this could be the best Back to the Future game since... well, ever. We can just pretend those other ones never happened.

Oh, yeah, that release date? Back to the Future: The Game Episode I releases next week, on Wednesday, December 22nd, meaning it shares a birthday with not only an RPGFan editor, but also Square Enix's The 3rd Birthday (in Japan). Four more episodes will follow, with roughly a month between each one. The game will be available for PC, Mac and the iPad. In honor of the release date confirmation, Telltale has provided Back to the Future megasite Bttf.com a collection of exclusive wallpapers, one for each of the game's episodes.

Pre-ordering the game from the Telltale Games site will not only net you a free copy of Puzzle Agent, but Telltale will also donate a dollar to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.


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