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Lots of Final Promise Story Details
You know what the game looks like, but who are the characters?
01.07.11 - 10:52 PM

So far, you've met the main characters of Imageepoch's RPG Final Promise Story: Wolf, the main character, and Celes, the princess of Yggdra. Joining forces with these two is Lisette, a recent graduate from the military cadets - but not as a Messiah Knight. Rather, she helps the knights in navigation, and gives them guidance when or if needed.

Rushdie, who we've mentioned before, is a close friend of Wolf and is extremely skilled in magic. Imageepoch also refers to him as a 'genius' while at the same time suggesting that this is a burden to him.

In the screen shots you might have noticed that battles are in first-person, however for some special attacks you will see a cut-in animation. Wolf's, for example, is called Lionheart.

Your characters will have all kinds of NPCs to interact with, and Imageepoch talked a little bit about some of these side characters. A 14-year old boy and 13-year old girl, both who hope to become Messiah Knights, look up to Wolf and Celes, respectively. Other NPCs include a medic apprentice who supplies your rations and might possibly have a tiny crush on the king's younger brother.

Also noteworthy is the imperial guard's commanding officer, under whom Wolf trained to become a Messiah Knight. Another soldier is a historian, who you can go to for all sorts of history trivia if you need more background info in the game. A more unfortunate pair of NPCs, however, is a set of newlyweds who lost their clothing shop in a fire after Savi Chantier, the invading kingdom, attacked their town. Now homeless, they live in the castle in the hopes of rebuilding their business.

The intro video for Wolf can be seen here in case you missed it. Not too long ago, Imageepoch also made a similar video for Celes:

Final Promise Story for the PlayStation Portable is due out on April 28th in Japan.


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