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Your Valkyria Chronicles 3 Update
DLC, Nendroids, soundtrack and a collab sticker.
02.04.11 - 11:05 PM

Like The Last Story, Valkyria Chronicles 3 hit Japanese retailers just over a week ago on January 27th, with the latter debuting at second place with 102,779 copies sold inits first week. (The Last Story, if you're curious, was the top seller with 114,722 units sold.) And already, SEGA has more plans for the PSP strategy RPG.

First up is two paid DLC, one coming next week and another a week later. Next week's is 'The Secret of Her Powers' a full scenario which focuses on Riela Marcellis, the Valkyria descendant. Players can grab this scenario on the 10th for 600 yen ($7.31 US). A week later there will be available a smaller DLC - a single mission entitled Disciplinary Mission: Viper's Fangs for 200 yen ($2.43 US). Released on February 17th, this mission will net you a Ragnite crystal once you've completed it.

SEGA and Good Smile Company are also planning to release two Nendroids this summer. Check out the designs:

Cute, no? Well, except for Imca, she looks a little grumpy as usual. Anyway, hers releases in July while the Riela one comes in June. The Riela Nendroid gets a sweet bonus however: SEGA will be packaging her with a code to download yet another DLC mission for the game. This one will see Riela and Imca (and only them) fight off an attack on the city from Calamity Raven, the rival squad to the Nameless. Upon successfully completing the mission, you'll unlock a powerful new weapon for Imca. There hasn't been any bonus announced for the Imca Nendroid yet... maybe that's why she's so unhappy? No pricing has been announced for the figures as of yet.

If you're more interested in the soundtrack, that will see a February 23rd release, and for 3045 yen ($37.05 US) you'll get two discs containing 37 tracks. Though the soundtrack page is up at Basiscape, there aren't any track samples up yet - but you can sample music from the other Valkyria Chronicles games on that page if you'd like.

And if you want to decorate your Valkyria Chronicles 3 tank with an unusual sticker (say, Shining Hearts) and haven't found this code already, just go to Extras > Password and input the following code: P 9 F M E B 2 A 5 Q 9 G N F P W. If you'd rather have a Good Smile Company tank sticker, use HJE3QX3M7BFXMHT5 instead.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 has not yet been announced for the West.


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