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Ashton Liu
April Fools 2011: Final Fantasy VII: Errant Civilization Announced
Another spin-off joins the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII!
04.01.11 - 1:51 AM

Square Enix has announced the development of another entry in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII: Final Fantasy VII: Errant Civilization for the PlayStation 3.

The game will be a prequel to all the Final Fantasy VII games, and will involve the rise of the Shinra Company, as well as the discovery of the Lifestream. Many characters from previous games will appear, such as a younger Bugenhagen, Red XIII, President Shinra, childhood versions of Zack, Cloud, and Rufus. A younger version of Sephiroth will of course be making an appearance as well.

The game will follow two main characters, Sky and Rainbow, as they make discoveries that lead to the discoveries that will add to the backstories of existing characters while expanding on the original game's world. Sky is a 26-year-old young man who wields a sword called the Composite Blade, which he can will to change into different forms. Rainbow is a kind 23-year-old mage who uses her special gifts as a healer to open a hospital in her home town.

Final Fantasy VII: Errant Civilization has no set release date, outside of a vague "sometime in 2012."