Mike Salbato
Mega Man Legends 3 Website Opens, Even More Video Footage
And some concerning news about the game's future.
04.22.11 - 10:58 PM

It seems the information and media Capcom released for Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version yesterday just wasn't enough. Today we've added a few more screens to the gallery, this time from the Japanese version of the demo.

Capcom has also opened a full-featured Mega Man Legends 3 site now, so have a look around and enjoy the familiar music, plus check out some brief gameplay with new character Barrett right here.

Part of the Prototype Version's reveal was handled via streaming video on Japanese video site NicoNico. Luckily, this footage, low-res as it may be, was captured and uploaded to YouTube, which we'll embed below.

The last bit of news on this demo version is bound to get varied reaction from the community. As director Mazakazu Eguchi explains in this Capcom Unity blog post, Mega Man Legends 3 - the full game - still has not been fully greenlit, so it's still not a certainty the game will be finished. Moreover, Capcom plans to gauge player interest in the game based on the 'heat', 'hype' and 'excitement' surrounding MML3: Prototype Version. So basically, if you want the game to be made, you best go buy that demo.

On one hand, it makes sense: Fans have asked for the game for years, so if they're truly committed to seeing it happen - not to mention seeing their feedback implemented in playable form - it should be a no-brainer purchase. At the same time, the 3DS is still a brand new console, so many people might be holding off on purchasing one until there was a stronger game library available. But with MML3: Prototype Version hitting within 5 weeks, this group is asked to purchase the console and demo now, in hopes of being able to buy and play the full game sometime in the future. So it's partially logical, but let's hope this announcement doesn't dash the good faith of the fan base that's been invested in this project.

In any case, the aforementioned official site confirms that the demo version is scheduled to release in May. This is of course dependent on Nintendo opening the 3DS eShop at such time, something the company is expected to confirm next week.

Finally, here's those NicoNico streams:


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