Liz Maas
Tales Of Xillia Gets Its Own PlayStation 3
And a JP date! Check out the pics and gameplay video aside!
05.28.11 - 1:48 PM

There was a bit of a hunch (from everyone) that at this weekend's Tales of Festival 2011 event in Japan that the long-awaited Tales of Xillia would finally be given a solid release date. And that it did. But that's not all that the game got. Also announced was the Tales of Xillia X Edition, which includes the game and this rather sweet Xillia-themed PlayStation 3. Check it out!

The PS3 bundle will cost 37,980 yen ($470 US). Namco Bandai also announced various bonuses and pre-order incentives. Pre-order and you'll get one of four Jude or Milla mascot charms, at random. These are the concept arts for each charm:

Here are the PS3 and the figures together:

Namco Bandai will also have included in first-print editions of the game, codes for alternate costumes for the two main characters as well as codes for ten PS3 custom themes. The video here is meant to show off the costumes, but also gets a real first look at the gameplay in action.

So far, two retailers have already announced their own bundles for the game. Namco Bandai's own LalaBit online store has a bundle which includes the game, Jude and Milla figures, a calendar and a special box. Titled Tales of Xillia Kyun Kyara Pack, this bundle will cost 12,980 yen ($160.65 US). Famitsu's e-store, meanwhile has a DX pack. The bundle, which consists of the game, a stuffed Tipo, B2-sized poster, special cloth and a clear file set, will run you 10,979 yen ($135.88 US).

A few more details: When Tales of Xillia was announced, Namco Bandai had mentioned that the theme song would be performed by J-Pop megastar Ayumi Hamasaki. The song's name is 'Progress,' and while it hasn't hit been heard yet, we imagine we'll get some sample of it soon. The company also plans to release some more video, including trailers and scenario footage, which were shown at the event, on the Japanese PlayStation Network soon. Just like Tales of Graces F, they also have some costumes DLC planned, this time as a collaboration with the Star Driver anime.

Tales of Xillia is now set for a September 8th release date in Japan at a standalone price of 8379 yen ($103.70 US).


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