Liz Maas
A Look At Final Fantasy Type-0's World And Rulers
Plus, a demo is on its way.
08.03.11 - 8:38 PM

Final Fantasy Type-0's world is made up of four different kingdoms, each whom houses its own magic crystal. Though we've heard and seen bits and pieces of each, Square Enix provided a look at all four and their leaders.


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Rebrum, of course, is the home to the main playable characters in Final Fantasy Type-0, as well as the Peristylium Suzaku school which the twelve students attend. One of its neighbors, Milites, attacks the nation seeking its crystal. Known for its magic, both the nation of Rebrum and the Peristylium are governed by eight members.

We've mentioned Khalia Chival VI previously; he serves as both the head of state and the Peristylium's chancellor. In his youth he was very well known for his magic abilities.

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The invading empire's leader has actually gone missing. In his place is Admiral Cid Aulstyne - after all, every Final Fantasy needs a Cid. Admiral Aulstyne oversees all of the government's affairs, and has broken a treaty between the four nations. He not only desires Rebrum's crystal, but the other nations' as well. Milites' crystal, the Byakko crystal, is used to craft weapons and Mado Armour mechs. The nation has also devised a 'Crystal Jammer,' intended to disable the Suzaku crystal.

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Nestled in the mountains, the Lolica Commonwealth houses the Genbu crystal, which is absorbed by the nation's people directly to increase the strength in their bodies, making them larger. Most of the inhabitants are in fact knights. Gilgamesh, a l'Cie and a boss in the game, is an inhabitant who has abandoned his mission and seems to be going after enemies' weapons instead. The l'Cie in the game appear to be much like those in Final Fantasy XIII.

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Home to the Souryu Crystal, Concordia is the nation whose government is made up entirely of women. The citizens may not be built like Lolica's, but they can summon dragons and use long spears in battle. We've mentioned the nation's queen, Andoria before, too. She believes in justice, and is the only one who can communicate with the Souryu Crystal and its physical manifestation, the Queen Dragon.

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Square Enix also announced that a demo will be available for download as well. This is of course the same demo as the recent even in Odaiba, titled 'Natsubi.' At least four missions of ranging difficulties will be available, and you'll get to try out at least 6-7 different playable characters. The demo will be free, but does not yet have a date - although it's expected to arrive on PSN sometime in September if you have a Japanese account. Final Fantasy Type-0 releases in Japan on October 13th.


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